Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snowflake Welcome Mat : Creating Christmas : Day Three

Day 3, friends! There is so much goodness going on, I hope you've had a chance to check out The Girl Creative and other amazing bloggers!
Don't forget, on Saturday, we'll have a link party where you will be able to link up your own amazing Christmas projects!

Today, I'm showing you my Snowflake Welcome Mat. The best part? This project only cost me $8 and took less than 30 minutes to complete!

Plain door mat (I got mine for $5 at IKEA)
Felt snowflakes, or other cut-outs (mine came from the dollar store)
hot glue gun
First, lay out your snowflakes to get your design how you want it. I chose to put one snowflake in the middle, with a half snowflake on either side of it. 

Just cut off the part of your felt that hangs over the edge of your mat.

Once your design is done, you're ready to glue. Make sure you have cut off any tags, labels, etc at this point. You'll need to work quickly with the hot glue so it doesn't dry before you have a chance to adhere the snowflake to the mat. Put several strips of hot glue directly on the back of the snowflake and then press onto doormat. Because my doormat was very textured, I had to press hard to get good sticking power. Keep gluing until all your cut-outs are in place.

And that's it! Put it in front of your door for a warm winter welcome. I placed mine on top of my existing doormat holder, so it still has that cute black border around it.

 You can even use this one after Christmas, since it's really more winter-y, that Christmas-y

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Emily @ 52 Mantels said...

Awesome job!! That is such a great idea. I will definitely be trying that :)

Thanks for stopping by 52 Mantels! Isn't Creating Christmas a fun event?? I'm having a great time with it!

I'm your newest follower!

Nikki Correa said...

Ummm so I didn't know that you got that mat for $5?!! Hello awesome deal! That's a good size mat too... I feel another crafternoon coming...

Endeavor Photography said...

Cute!!! I wish we had an Ikea:( I've never even been! I wanna come to crafternoon!!

Anonymous said...

Kelsey- you will definitely be getting an invite to the next crafternoon!

shirley girl said...

Lindsey that is so, so cute. I agree w/Nikki...$5.00 for the mat?? Awesome!!

EvA. . . said...

so so cute!

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

this project is wonderful! so pretty! so easy! thanks for sharing i LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, everyone!

Emily said...

Looks great, gotta love a quick project!

special 'k' said...

Looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

southernscraps said...

Cute, cute,cute!