Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guest Post : Holiday Slush

Oh goodness do I have a treat for you this morning. We have another guest post today, but not just any guest post. This one is our first EVER male guest poster. Get excited people.

Last week Brandon and I had our good friend Andrew over. We were discussing Creating Christmas week and he wanted to know why he wasn't invited to guest post. I think at this point I almost spit out my water because I thought he was kidding. Apparently he wasn't kidding, because it wasn't long before I had a blog post and photos in my inbox.

Andrew doesn't have a blog, but he's pretty good at taking pictures of the whole process, don't you think? Also, totally jealous of all that natural light in his kitchen. It's kicking my kitchen's florescent-lighted butt.

And just to make it better, I put together this little photo of our dear friend Andrew. Taken on mine and Brandon's wedding day.

I've tasted this slush the past few Christmases, and it's pretty good. Maybe too good.  Just don't overindulge :) 

And with that, let's see what Andrew has for us!
{Side note: Can you find the pictures below with the reflection of him in the teapot?}

Ok, here is what you need:
4 cups boiling water
1 12 oz container of frozen oj
1 12 oz container of frozen lemonade
3 or 4 tea bags
1 cup of sugar
fifth of jim beam (750 ml) (you can use whatever whiskey but jb tastes best because it's bourbon)
1 gallon container (ice cream bucket is best)
-Steep tea in container for 10-15 min
-Add sugar and stir
-Add containers of frozen lemonade and oj
-Pour in 750 ml of jb
-Finally add as much water as you'd like to help water down the potentency
-After stirring enough to dissolve the concentrates, pop in the freezer.

 Enjoy about 3-4 days later (by putting this is small ziplock type storage containers it will help to "slush up" faster)


Thanks for sharing, Andrew! Hope you readers all have a great day. I'll see you tomorrow with a yummy breakfast recipe.

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Anonymous said...

Not only is this Andrew fellow handsome, his drink sure looks good!

Anonymous said...

Why do I get The feeling that anonymous=Andrew

Nikki Correa said...

hahaha amazing post! I'm bummed I'm missing the Christmas party tonight! I want holiday slush... rude!

Jami Lynn said...

This is so awesome!

Breanna said...

Well Lindsey, "Anonymous" is right ;)

The drink looks good, too! Haha! I'm gonna have to try this one ... soon.

shirley girl said...

This looks yummy!!.....male guest blog??? .....very awesome!! love you...