Sunday, December 4, 2011

Simple Yarn Wreath : Creating Christmas : Day One

Fancy seeing you here on a Sunday! As promised, here I am for a week of Christmas craft craziness. Yup, that's seven full days of craft posts. A few from me, and a couple of fun guest posts, so be sure come on over every day this week!

Today, we're starting things off with a simple yarn wreath.

Supplies you'll need:
Foam Wreath, any size (I found mine in the floral supply section of Michaels)
Yarn, any color
Pom Pom Yarn, any color
Wired Ribbon for bow

Start by wrapping your base color yarn tightly around the wreath form. You can either glue the end to the form, or wrap your yarn around itself to secure it. This will be the most time consuming part, but don't rush. You want the yarn wrapped tight so that the wreath form doesn't show through.

When I got to the end, I simply cut the yarn and tucked it in. Now that you're done with the base part, you can started with the pom pom fun. This part goes much quicker, promise. I knotted the end of my pom pom yarn to the white on the back of the wreath and got to wrapping. I did an "x" pattern, but get creative and do what you think looks best!

Once you're done with that, it's time for the bow. I used this gold glitter ribbon. Mostly because I am completely obsessed with glitter right now.

Hang it on your door and get all Christmas-y!

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Alecia said...

So that's what you do with pompom yarn! I'm a crocheter and for the life of me I can't seem to understand that stuff. Thanks for sharing, I love the texture and the different colors. I'm you newest follower and I'm co-hosting @

The Girl Creative said...

So cute! Love the pom poms. :)

southernscraps said...

Cute, I love pom pom yarn!

Emily said...

Very cute! I need to update my wreaths.
PS- I'm following and co-hosting with you!

Elizabeth said...

So beautiful! New follower and am co-hosting with you :)

glamourpuss said...

Cute pompoms! Love those little things! Also a new follower and co-host with you!

SUPAHMAMA! said...

I love how simple and chic this is!!! Co-hosting with you, and I'm seriously smitten with the practicality of this craft!

Nikki Correa said...

So great! And it looks so cute on your door!!