Monday, August 22, 2011

Stay Up to Date

So by now, maybe you're thinking "Hey, I kinda like this blog." Maybe you're not. But you're here and that's what matters.

And maybe because you like this blog so much, you want to know when the posts are hot out of the oven.

To be updated via email, enter your email address in the box to the right under "follow by email"

Or add me to your google reader subscriptions. Don't use google reader? You should! It's amazing and pretty much how I stay up to date on all my favorite blogs. Learn how to use it here.

You can also follow me on twitter using that super handy link on the right. If you go to my twitter page and think "hey...does this girl even know how to use this thing?". The answer is no, I don't. But I just started tweeting and I'm learning, so bear with me.

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