Monday, August 1, 2011

10 minute dinner? Yes, please!

Ok. So you may feel deceived. This is actually a post about breakfast for dinner. But guess what? It still went into our mouths post-5 o'clock, so it's totally dinner.

Eating breakfast for dinner is seriously legit. You kind of feel like you're breaking the rules, and that, my friends, is why it tastes so delicious. We probably have breakfast for dinner at least twice a month. Why? Because we can! Take that, dinner police.

Tonight, I must say though was exceptionally yummy and super easy to boot. Enter soyrizo. Soyrizo? Yes, soyrizo. It tastes just as good as chorizo, but is like twenty times better for you. (Ok, I have no idea how much better it is for you, but it's meatless and doesn't contain weird ingredients such as salivary glands like traditional chorizo does). Side note: if you have no idea what chorizo is, I pity you and your taste buds. Go get yourself some chorizo. Wait, make that soyrizo.

Anyway. Take that soyrizo (6 oz to be exact), remove it from the casing and fry it up in a pan coated with vegetable oil. Once it's lookin good, add 5 beaten eggs to the mix. Scramble it all up. Top with some cilantro because it looks pretty. Serve with warm flour tortillas (I love the uncooked kind you can buy from costco), and some hash-browns if you feel so inclined.

Obviously, the egg to soyrizo ratio, is totally up to you, so feel free to use more or less eggs or sausage depending on your taste/how many people you need to feed.

Also, if you're not sold on the meatless part, let me tell you: my husband had no clue it was soy and ate the whole thing up and even asked for seconds. This is from the man who swears there is a signicficant difference when I use ground turkey instead of beef to make tacos.

True account of our conversation after dinner:
Me: How good was that soyrizo?
Husband: wait- SOYrizo??
Me: Yeah. Soyrizo, as in no meat, but still delicious.
Husband: {stunned look}
Me: {dancing with glee} Ha! I got you!

Yay for easy dinner.

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Anonymous said...

You absolutely crack me up! You ARE my favorite daughter.