Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dark Horse...

I'm sure you've been anxiously awaiting the news. You probably can't take the suspense of waiting any longer. Well, wait no more! I am the proud owner of a new ceramic travel mug. Which one did I choose? #10! *insert scratching record sound here* huh? There wasn't a #10 in the post below... but I happened to be shopping at Ross this weekend and saw this gem:

So cute. I love all the colors, especially that sunny yellow lid. And no ordering online, paying for shipping and anxiously awaiting arrival. I'm an instant gratification kinda girl.

The best part? I turned that sucker over to find this glorious price tag:

$3.49? um. yes, please!

Of course, I picked up a few other things espresso machine-related on my shopping trip. If you give Lindsey an espresso machines she's going to want... an adorable chicken wire basket ($7.99 @ World Market, unavailable online) to hold all of the espresso machine accessories AND a stainless steel frothing pitcher ($6.99 @ World Market, unavailable online).

This is now my happy corner in my house.

Curious about that bottle of goodness on the right?  Post coming soon...

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Nikki Correa said...

This is an absolutely perfect travel cup! I too LOVE the yellow lid! And your little espresso corner... Adore it! Can't wait to see it!!