Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ceramic Travel Mugs

I'm having a bit of  "if you give a mouse a cookie" syndrome.  See, it all began with a raffle I won at work. I won a prize of my choice and I picked an espresso machine. Woo hoo! BUT.... If you give Lindsey an espresso machine, she's going to want a really cute travel mug for all the fabulous lattes she'll be making. And then she's going to want some really yummy syrups, and a grinder and a metal frothing pitcher and...

OK. Focus, woman! *deep breath*

Back to the mug...I happen to love drinking out of a to-go cup. Don't get me wrong, I love me a big ol' mug, but that just won't do when I'm on the go. So, naturally, I'm loving the ceramic travel mugs made to look like the paper cups from our favorite coffee shops. Don't you love them too?

I've seen a lot at Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx, but none that I've loved enough to buy. I decided to do the leg work for both of us and get my google search on and find the cutest mugs the internet has to offer. Here are my top picks. Which one should I get???

ceramic travel mugs
1. Pagoda from World Market $9.99  2. Red Ikat from
3. Red Floral from $15 4. Pink Mustache from Etsy $14.50  
5. Black Mod Squares from $14   6. Green Floral from $15  7.Colorful Sqaures from Target $13.99  8. Mod Flower from Etsy $25 
9. Spice Route from World Market $9.99


Brandon said...

The cheap-o in me says roll with number 9. Buuuuut, you need something bright and colorful to start your day so go with número siete.

Anonymous said...

Linds, 4 or 7 def; the mustache will be a great conversation starter, the other one is just cool. Brandon, you will actually save you money long term so take a deep breath.

shirley girl said...

I say #5, it will match with any outfit that you wear.......and brandon, you are sooo nice!!!

Nikki Correa said...

Number 6 for sure!!! Although, I do like 9... But 6 screams you!!!