Thursday, August 11, 2011

Food & Friends

Isn't there something magical about food? I love how it brings people together like nothing else really can. This past Sunday, after an amazing day full of brunch, mimosas, jumping in the ocean and falling asleep on the beach,  I had the pleasure of having dinner at a friend's new apartment. Not just any new apartment though. Check out the view from their balcony!

Our friend's mom happened to be in town and laid out quite the spread for all of us: pastas, bruschettas, salads, olives, cheeses, these amazing jalape├▒o puffs, spinach frittata, risotto, pork tenderloin and, of course, wine.

Our friend and his mom happen to be Italian, and that, my friends, makes for one great meal.

We didn't eat it on fancy plates. We didn't even eat at a table. But it was amazing all the same. Why? Well, as I said, the food was excellent, but even better were the people. We had quite the international group; our friend's cousin was visiting from Switzerland to take an English course. He spoke Italian, French and some German. He brought along a couple of classmates- a girl from Rome and another friend from Spain. Then, a couple of neighbors joined in the mix. (Don't you just love having good neighbors? Trust me, they're hard to come by). Add my husband, another American friend, the roommate (who also happens to be our friend :) and myself and you've got quite the eclectic group.

I loved all the food and the conversation (in English, Italian and Spanish, of course). Sometimes when you mix that many different people together it can get awkward. Conversation can stall.  Awkward this was not.

I only wish I had taken more pictures. But sometimes, you're just enjoying yourself so much that you don't.
It was just one of those nights  I won't soon forget.

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shirley girl said...

This is one of my favorite things in life (as you know), friends & laughter. Can we call eccleticism??? Is that a word??