Thursday, September 1, 2011

From Inspiration to Reality: Jami's Bedroom

When my friend Jami told me she was gearing up to decorate her bedroom in her new place, I jumped all over it. She kindly agreed to let me create an inspiration/reality board of sorts based on some pictures and a few ideas she already had.

She is going for a black, white, yellow and gray color scheme in this bedroom. Can I tell you how much I love that color palette? It feels so fresh.

Here are a few of the inspiration pictures she sent over:

She’s obviously not afraid of some bold patterns- LOVE!

I love the script on this rug.
{source unknown}

Don't you just want to curl up on each of those beds and read a good book? 

 Based on her photos, this is what I created:

black yellow gray

click here for chevron rug from urban outfitters {click on any of the above thumbnails for product details}

She already picked out some black hemnes furniture from IKEA (which I also happen to have in my bedroom :). And she already has two nightstands that are just waiting to be painted a cheerful shade of yellow (so the ones shown in the board above are purely for show).

I think sticking with a white duvet and adding pops of color with accent pillows and perhaps a quilt is the way to go. That way, if you want to change up your color scheme in the future, you have a good, neutral base going on.

The gray chevron rug makes my heart pitter patter. I love the bold design it adds without being too overpowering to the room.

Above the bed, I thought it would be fun to mimic the script from the gorgeous rug in the inspiration pic, above. Three simple black frames can enclose some simple DIY art. Find a scripty font online (I like, type out some words (a favorite quote? Song lyrics?) in a word processing program, print it out and pop it in the frame. Easy!

Obviously, Jami has some great taste so I’m sure she’ll do fine all on her own, but I appreciate her letting me take a shot at it!

Have an inspiration picture you want to re-create in real life? Have a design dilemma? My VERY amateur self would love for you to let me attempt to help. Send me an email at! Maybe I’ll feature your question/design in an upcoming blog post.


Nikki Correa said...

Lindsey Adams you outdid yourself!!! This is truly amazing!! I LOVE it!!! Sweets I can't wait to see how the room turns out!!! Seriously so in love!!!

Lindsey Adams said...

Thanks, Nik!

Jami Lynn said...

I am so freakin excited! Thank you so much for pulling this together :). Super excited to go rug shopping with you this weekend :)

Lindsey Adams said...

Glad you like it, Miss Jami! I can't wait for rug shopping either!

shirley girl said...

Lindsey, you are truly wonderful and you!!!!