Friday, September 9, 2011

And... I'm back

As you may or may not know, we had a major power outage yesterday in San Diego, so my technology was quite limited. I had great plan for a good post, but alas, my only technology was my iPhone (with like no battery left and the crappiest service ever since everyone and their mother was trying to use their mobile phones) and this:
Yup. A radio- a very old one at that. Thank goodness my in-laws were more prepared than my husband and I. (Rick & Gail-Thank you for taking care of us!)

Pretty sure this blackout made me realize just how unprepared we are for disaster.We DEFINITELY do not own a battery operated radio.  I don't even know where we keep our flashlights! I never ever have cash! I don't stock up on canned goods! And I ALWAYS let my gas tank get practically empty. Thank goodness I had gas yesterday, otherwise it would have been disastrous. It literally took me an hour and a half to go the 13 miles from my office to my in-laws house. I don't even want to think about how long it would have taken me to drive the 24 miles to my house.

The night itself wasn't too bad though. It can't be that bad when eating every last fudgsicle becomes an absolute necessity, right? And playing The Game of Life by the the glow of flashlights ain’t so bad either. I only wish the power would have stayed out a little longer so I could've stayed home from work :)

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shirley girl said...

I talked to Uncle Charlie last night and he was having a blast with the neighbors. Generators, beer and food. Fudgesicles??? Yes!!!!