Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Espresso Can

It started with this:

I don't know when it started, but recently I've acquired the inability to throw away containers. Maybe it's my obsession with organization. Maybe it's the fact that I see potential in what others might call trash. Whatever it is, something deep down made me keep this empty container of Trader Joe's Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats. When I saved it, I had no idea what I wanted to do with it.

But, of course, the day came and I needed that container. What ever would I have done if I had thrown it away like any normal person would have?? What exactly did I need it for? To store my espresso! Of course, I couldn't have an espresso container with a steel cut oats label, so this little can got a makeover. 

First, I peeled off the paper label. It came off surprisingly easy. 

Next, I selected some scrapbook paper to cover the canister. I measured it, and unfortunately it wouldn't wrap all the way around the can. So what's a girl to do? Use some chalkboard paint!

This time, I used the spray stuff. It's great for a super even finish. I took the canister and sprayed a small strip of paint down the side. No need to be exact, you just want to make sure you cover enough space to accommodate the gap in the paper.. I also gave the lid a couple of quick coats of paint.

Once dry, you're ready to affix the paper. I used glue dots, but you could also use a glue stick, a glue gun or whatever sort of adhesive you've got on hand. You don't need to use adhesive on the entire thing, just a little on the vertical edges is enough.

Now you can write! I decided to use a chalk ink pen (found at Michael's) since I'll be grabbing the canister often and don't want the chalk to rub off easily. 

And we're done. Cute, huh?

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Brandon said...

1: I love you.
2: You're very talented.
3: You might be a hoarder :)

Anonymous said...

1. I love you, too,
2. Thanks for always being so encouraging :)
3. I'd prefer if you never use that term again. You know how I freak out after I watch an episode of Hoarders

Nikki Correa said...

hahahaha don't worry LindsA you aren't a hoarder...yet! KIDDING!!!

shirley girl said...

Ha Ha......I can't stop laughing!!!

Tina said...

I have been going through this attack of keeping containers. I did not know what for until I saw this...My mind is being flooded with possiblities... Thanks So much for sharing this...

Anonymous said...

Glad you like it, Tina! Also glad to hear i'm not the only one hoarding empty containers :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool. I found your link on Home Stories from A to Z. I haven't ventured into the calk board paint however I can see myself saving our next canister to make over to store one of the many little people/barbie/dress up supplies/blocks our 2 year old has! Thanks for sharing. Renea.