Sunday, September 11, 2011


I spent the majority of today not thinking much about the fact that it was September 11th. That ten years ago today thousands of lives were lost and our country was under attack. Being on the West Coast and in high school when it all happened, I've always felt removed from it all. I didn't know anyone who died, who was there, or was affected at all. Perhaps I just wasn't mature enough to understand the gravity of all that had happened. And perhaps I've spent the past nine anniversaries of that monumental day continuing to avoid thinking about it.

Tonight, however, was different. My husband and I sat down and watched a documentary tonight that included actual footage from inside the towers. My heart ached watching it. My eyes filled with tears. I think tonight I finally got it. The weight of it all set in. Our country was attacked. Innocent lives were lost. The courage shown by those first responders was beyond words amazing. Wow. Just, wow.

I have no words that can accurately describe my gratitude for those who lost their lives trying to save others' that day. I don't express it nearly enough, but thank you to all of you who spend each day protecting our communities and our country.

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shirley girl said...

Until yesterday, I had never seen any footage. Nor did I know the many lives that were devastated in one way or another. The children that never got to see their fathers and the resilience and will to keep their fathers alive in their hearts is more than I am able to put in to words. Ty Linds for posting this!