Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Painted Pumpkins

Last week, Brandon and I were invited over to our friends Jami and James' house for an evening of pumpkin painting. In the past, I've always carved pumpkins, but frankly, that's a lot of work and I'm always just a little bit afraid that I'm going to cut off my finger.

Anyway, it was a great night full of good friends, hot cider, pumpkin beer, crockpot mac and cheese, and chocolate chip banana bread. Oh, and painting pumpkins of course.
{there are about a million things I love about this picture- from some of the awesome faces, to the fact that Nikki and I pretty much are dressed as twins.}

We had a lot of creativity going on in that room- from a Charlie Brown pumpkin, to a spider web one, they all turned out great. Inspired by these pumpkins from Madigan Made, I decided to do a little gold thumbtack bedazzling.

I simply freehand painted horizontal white stripes. If you wanted something a little more precise, this is where painters tape might come in handy. After making my way around once, I painted a second layer on each of the stripes. Then, I let it all dry slightly and started in with the thumbtacks. For this pumpkin, I used all but about 20 in the pack of 300 (tip: go buy them at the dollar store).

Here's the result:

Top view!

And here we are, next to the husband's Chargers pumpkin that I "ruined" by bedazzling it. If you ask me, I only improved its beauty and made it coordinate better with my stripey thumbtack creation.

Like it? I love it!

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shirley girl said...

so awesomingly cool!!!!! ty linds, love you!!

Jami said...

Such a great evening!

Nikki Correa said...

such an AMAZING evening! I can't wait until we are reunited again this weekend! And I LOVE our matching shirts!