Friday, October 7, 2011

I love grocery shopping!

Ok, I don't really love grocery shopping, but I seriously love this notepad. It makes grocery day a little less annoying, and that is a beautiful thing. It has a big magnet on the back, so it hangs out on my fridge. I just check items off as I run out of them. Plus, items are grouped together as they typically are in the grocery store, so I have less time going back to aisles I've already been down. Genius!

Want one too? I got mine at Anthropologie, but you can also buy it here.

I'm also thinking I really need to get this one-What to Eat:

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shirley girl said...

Ya know, I actually do love grocery shopping and I absolutely love this list. I just wish that someone would come up with a list for a grocery store that you frequent on a regular basis. You know, the kind of list that is patterned aisle by aisle.