Thursday, November 17, 2011

#24. Check!

26 before 26 again! #24 was go to a drive in movie and that was exactly what me and the husband did last weekend! We have been talking about going for the past couple of years. It's amazing how making a simple list has really kicked my butt into gear.

{You'll have to forgive my iPhone photos. Not the greatest for taking shots in the dark}

We drove a bit east out to the Santee Drive In on 
Sunday night to see In Time (great movie!)

Paid the sweetest old man for our entry and tuned into 89.3 FM.

Found a spot along with the other ten cars there and snuggled up in the back of the truck with tons of comfy blankets and pillows.

Sipped hot chocolate with a ghiradelli peppermint square melted in it. 
Um yeah. I just did that. Delicious.

So much fun! If you have a drive in theater near you- go! Ours was $8.00/person for TWO movies. We ended up only staying for one because it was a Sunday night and I had to get to sleep, but I'm excited to go again soon. You can't beat that deal.


Nikki Correa said...

Wow!! I didn't know you got to see TWO movies!! We have to go :)

shirley girl said...

So so so cool!!!!