Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Bump

It's time for a baby update! I've been feeling great and am actually enjoying pregnancy for the most part. The nausea is pretty much gone now and thanks to twice weekly chiropractor visits, my back is feeling much better than it did a couple of months ago.

I love seeing my tummy grow. I keep day dreaming about what our baby will look like and how it will feel to hold him/her in my arms for the first time. In exactly two weeks we should get to find out if Baby A is a boy or a girl. Can't wait! I'm so excited to pick out a name and decorate the nursery.

As far as the cravings go, I don't think I've been too too bad. No middle of the night Jack in the Box runs, or urges to eat weird things like laundry detergent or chalk. Two weeks ago though I HAD to have some fried pickles. And then this past weekend, on a completely overcast, totally not hot day, I absolutely needed shaved ice. Thank God I have a patient husband who is willing to go to a restaurant he dislikes for fried pickles and drive me 20 miles round trip to get shaved ice.  Best. Husband. Ever.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Life Update

I have great news, friends! We found a house (!!!!) I've been told that looking for the house is the fun part. And the escrow/appraisal/inspection/getting your mortgage crap together was the make-you-want-to-cry-and-pull-your-hair-out part. Turns out, those people were right. So here we are, smack in the middle of the un-fun part of the process. Instead of complaining about the craziness, let's just talk fun house details.

The house is located in San Marcos, California, which is a suburb located north of San Diego. It's in a great little neighborhood with mature trees and some very good schools (funny how you get pregnant and suddenly care about elementary school test scores of all things). The home has been completely renovated, which means this pregnant girl and her husband just get to have fun decorating. 3 bedrooms. 2 baths. Backyard faces west and has a great view from the kitchen- definitely looking forward to the sunsets this summer. And the kitchen is wide open. Woo hoo! I'm pretty happy with it and can't wait to move in. If all goes as planned (prayers sent and fingers crossed), we should be moving in mid-April.

For now, here's a picture of the front. Please excuse my finger ruining things in the upper left as well as the garage door that appears to be broken, but is now fixed.

And, as you may have guessed, I've crossed a few things of the old list. Less than two months left!

10.   Sit. Be still. Watch a sunset

Done. Tuesday happened to be beautiful and with the recent time change, the sun now sets at 7. We headed down to La Jolla Cove, watched the sunset and then grabbed some dinner. I'm trying to get as many date nights in before this baby comes! I forget just how lucky I am to live in a place so beautiful.

11.   Run a mile  Finish a book.
Oooh. Over-acheiver me has finished 3 books! I read the first two books in The Hunger Games series, and also discovered what may very well be my new favorite book, written by my new favorite author: Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. It's a collection of short essays about life. Her writing just flows and is filled with personality. I found myself relating to almost every single word and feeling like I really wanted to be friends by the time I was done. I've now moved on to her second book, Bittersweet. I'm sure it will be just as great.

As you may remember, wine tasting got the ax, so I went to a museum instead. Totally not a fair trade. In a battle between history and wine, I think wine wins. Unless of coure you're learning about history over a glass (or 2. or 3.) of wine. In that case, they can live in harmony. Or, in the case of pregnancy, I guess history wins. The exhibit was actually pretty great. It's amazing to see all those artifacts in person.

What else is going on in our world? Well, Baby A is growing and growing. I'm really amazed at this whole growing a baby thing. Every so often I stop and think "Holy cow. There is like a real life baby growing INSIDE of me." It's amazing and terrifying and beautiful. And I love it. I've been taking baby bump photos, but just haven't gotten around to editing and uploading, but hopefully next week!