Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hello There!

Life has been busy! And without internet at home, blog posting isn't really happening. But guess what? A TON has happened.

1. We closed on our house and moved in! I'm love love loving being in our new place. We officially got the keys on April 19th and spent our first night there on April 22nd. It still feels surreal. I wake up pretty much every morning, walk into our kitchen and think three things: (1) Do I really have a kitchen this big? (2) Man, I love that view. and (3) God is REALLY awesome.

2. Baby A is growing like a weed! I think she went through a growth spurt because my appetite has been insatiable. Oh yeah, SHE. I don't think I made the official announcement here yet, but IT'S A GIRL! Brandon and I are both beyond excited. I'm dreaming of pink girliness and I can't wait to decorate that nursery. I'm nearing then end of my 22nd week, but here's a photo from last week:

3. We adopted two other family members! Say hello to our new dogs: Cora and Conway. Oh my goodness, they melt my heart.

Are we crazy for adopting dogs when we have a baby on the way? Probably. But sometimes life just needs a little dose of crazy. On a whim last Sunday we made a stop at the Escondido Humane Society. We were only looking for one dog, but after meeting these two one-year-old boxers, I just couldn't say no. They're brother and sister and very bonded, so separating them just wasn't an option. After a night of thinking it over, more than a few people telling me I'm crazy, and some serious puppy dog eyes and pouty lips aimed at my husband, we ended up at Walmart buying dog food bowls and a leash. They came home with us Monday and I'm loving doggy parenthood. You can check out a video of them on the news here. Tell me they're not the cutest things EVER!


Special 'K' said...

Yes it all is happening over at your special place. Your beautiful puppies are just so cute. Thanks for sharing and take care. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

Nikki Correa said...

Yay for all the exciting things that are happening!! Conway and Cora are adorable, LOVE the new house, and of course, like always, I love hearing about BabyA!! So happy for your Linds!!