Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Words #21

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It's been a while, friends. I'm sorry.  At the risk of sounding whiny, I'm going to tell you the truth: I've just been exhausted. Too exhausted to wake up early and blog. I wish I could say that I was working on some big amazing project I have to reveal to you, but I can't. I'm just tired. You see, between being a wife, a friend, writing this blog, making things for this blog, working my 40 hours at my day job, trying to exercise and stay healthy, keeping up on my reading, staying connected with God and everything in between, I noticed that I haven't been doing any of those things as well as I could.

So it's been a time of evaluation. A something's gotta give moment. And in this moment, I realized that what's gotta give is my self-imposed five early mornings a week of blog post writing. I just can't do it. And I'm OK with that. I'm only one person. I want quality over quantity. I want to free up some of my time to do more of the things I love. The things that convinced me to start writing this blog. So, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Instead of 5 days a week, you'll find me more like 2-3 days a week. I think it'll be better for all of us.


shirley girl said...

good for you you!!

sissy said...

I love you for the decision you made. You can't do everything my dear, I will enjoy reading your blog when you have a chance to do it. You are awesome.